Sometimes it takes a year to make something

Sometimes it takes a year to make something, and you know, that’s ok.

Once upon a time, and I mean really once upon a time, in the days of my craft blog, when New York City supplied me with a 3-fare per weekday metrocard to get to and from highschool, I made myself the perfect wallet: compact, cute, and with plenty of compartments, including one for change.  This wallet served me well for a full four years, but as one would expect from something hand crafted out of fabric, eventually began to fall apart.

Approximately one year ago, In a brief burst of creative inspiration during the 3-week lull that Cornell provided between the end of classes and graduation, I thought “Aha! Let me make a new wallet.”   It had been so long since I had made the previous perfect wallet, I figured the best way to replicate it would be to take the old one apart and copy the pieces.   This I did, but as so often happens due to my habit of starting projects rather late into the night, about halfway through, I put the project down to get some rest.  It was


fine, I would finish it soon, within the week I was sure, and I had a little pouch I could use to hold my money and other essentials in the meantime.

Well, a week turned into two, and then into three, and before I knew it I was packing up my things and moving out of my college apartment, sending the project home where it would remain in a box, along with some other things, for longer than I would like to admit.  I became accustomed to my little pouch – which had just two compartments and generally forced me to take all of my cards out and shuffle through them, or dump my money on the table, in order to find anything.  Yes, I was the girl standing outside the bar shuffling through card after card in her tiny Sanrio Shinkansen (…that’s the Japanese bullet train…) pouch to find her ID.  But it was ok, because I was going to finish making that other wallet, a real wallet, soon.  Right?

Six months passed and my mother offered to buy me a wallet for Hannukah, a “grown-up” wallet, but every nice leather option was too bulky for my taste, or didn’t have a pocket for my change. But it was ok, I really was going to finish making that other wallet… I swore!

Just when it seemed hope was almost lost, a full year later, on the day my Class of 2012 Cornell comrades attended their commencement ceremony, inspiration, or perhaps desperation, struck, and I finally finished it.   And you know, it didn’t even take that long.  It’s unclear how long it will be before opening my new wallet and having easy access to the item I am looking for stops making me grin and giggle with glee.  We’ll see.

Perhaps this intense excitement over such a simple thing means the wait was worthwhile? … Perhaps not.


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